Static Age Magazine is all about showcasing the food, culture, art, and music that drives the city of Laredo and keeps it interesting.

With this magazine, we wanted to try and do
something a little punk rock, as well as keeping it D.I.Y., all while trying to keep it looking clean and professional.

I will admit this is all new territory for all of us. The last time I did anything like this was a punk rock zine in the early 90s that wasn’t very good. I will say that this will unapologetically be just as punk rock as that cut and paste zine full of music and serial killers.

The group of people that came together to help make this happen is amazing as well. These writers and photographers have put in everything they’ve got to make this happen. Gabe, Brenda, Roger, Kevin, Andy, Nora, Hugo, Monica, Vanne, Jerry, Mariana, & Alyssa worked really hard to get this off the ground.

We’ve got mad love for our city and we hope it shows.

We have so much to offer in our little spot in the world. Our art and food is as unique as our people, and it’s pretty cool to know that there is an army of people out there trying to get our city in tip top shape. We notice you!

Laredo also has a lot of detractors, as well as people dying to get out, and that’s fine. It happens to every city, although we in this city will continue to try to make this a better place for everyone.

I really hope that you enjoy this magazine, and its articles and photos as much as we did putting it together for you.